My family and I live in New Hampshire, USA– home to some beautiful hikes. Unfortunately every time we come back from one we seem to find ticks on us! My son has to take the credit for the initial idea. I was explaining to him over dinner how ticks quest, and how they climb up our legs to get lodged in all sorts of funny places.  I could see the gears turning . Finally,  he asked, “Dad, can you make an electric fence for our legs?” I admit I didn’t take him seriously at first but a few more ticks, and a few more weeks of thinking, and I knew that he was on to something. 

I have the funny hat, but Jesse on the left is the brains behind the initial concept. The little one at the bottom is Kasey, and she loves to find ticks. My wife Christy and daughter Sophie on the right have given endless support and encouragement.

TickToaster, LLC was established in 2018, as an answer to ticks that just won’t stop bugging us. Nestled near the Hollis, Nashua border in beautiful New Hampshire,  where plenty of fun hikes await. We’re a family run business of everyday folks, who simply got tired of hiking and worrying about ticks.

T.J. Bordelon