Tj Bordelon

Hi, T.J. Bordelon here, and I hate ticks with a passion! Every year there is a new report of ticks invading yet another state, or a news story reminding us of the ever-present danger lurking outside ready to ruin our day.

After pulling off one too many ticks off my son and watching for bulls-eye rashes, We finally decided to do something about it.

Tick Toaster can help you win the war against ticks. Many wearable tick devices contain so-called “safe” poisons that are known neurotoxins, or require you to wear long pants for that long hike. But not Tick Toaster! Safe to touch, this amazing device alerts you when ticks are present. It also electrocutes them before they can hide on your body.

Strap a band just below your knee on each leg and go outside in shorts again! The skin soft material and stretch fabric conform to every curve of your leg for a comfortable fit. The patented gasket design helps to close any gaps, and guides ascending ticks onto the band surface where they encounter high voltage detector traces. Harmless to you, these traces send a paralyzing voltage into the tick, stopping it in its tracks. An audible alarm sounds, allowing you to you to stop, inspect, remove any ticks, and move to a safer area.

Ticks are almost always found near the ground on grass and other plants, and will jump onto your legs below the bands. By instinct, ticks will climb to find an area high on your body where they won’t be disturbed. It is this very instinct that will cause them to cross the band and meet their fate

  • No poisons. Research has shown that even so-called “safe” poisons can be harmful.
  • Alerts you to the presence of ticks. This gives you the chance to move to a safer area.
  • Prevents ticks from ascending by toasting them if they try!
  • Allows you to wear shorts again. Nobody likes to  hike in long pants on a hot day.
  • Conventional wisdom tells you to wear  pants tucked into socks for protection. Tick Toaster lets you break those rules!

Tick Toaster works with just about any activity where you find yourself wearing wearing shorts, and unknowingly brushing up against shrubs or grass. This is how ticks get on your body!

Hiking is an easy one, as frequently grass or brush will contact your  legs often without your knowing it.  Mountain biking is the same:  Flying through the woods invariably has a random grass, vine, or twig  brushing against your legs. When fishing or  golfing, we often find ourselves walking through tall grass. What  activities do you do that sound like this?

  •  Hiking , Mountain Biking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Golfing, Gardening, Farming

Ticks do not fall from trees. This is a common myth, but understandable. Even for ticks found high on your body, they begin their quest at grass level. By instinct, they will attempt to climb up your body and will encounter the band. Tick Toaster helps to insure that ticks on your body will be found on or below the band, and therefore much easier to spot.

Ticks that try to cross the band are electrocuted and frozen in their tracks, or as we like to say, TOASTED! Sometimes ticks will fall off. Sometimes ticks will turn away only to try again. But usually they realize their mistake too late. (Don’t worry, the band is harmless to humans!)

Whenever a tick touches the traces, you are alerted immediately. You’ll usually find a poor tick frozen to the traces. Flick it off and move to safety.

Need proof? Here’s raw, unedited video of a tick we caught on an early prototype test. Lighting could be better, but it gets the point across. Tick toasters work, and work well in our tests.

Enjoy the outdoors again with the most advanced tick protection ever developed. Say goodbye to the chemicals, long pants, and the fear you get when looking at tall grass. It’s time to enjoy a worry free day outdoors!

  • Press and hold to turn ON. You’ll hear 3 RISING tones.
  •  Press and hold to turn OFF. You’ll hear 3 FALLING tones.

Band will zap ticks and “Alarm” when traces are contacted. It’s that simple!

Depending on how hard you play outside, eventually the effectiveness of the traces wears out as dirt accumulates. For this reason, we decided to make the band disposable. The battery should last all season long, and should outlast the band, but that really depends on individual use. If left on continuously (not recommended), the band will provide nearly 40 hours of tick-toasting protection.

As with any product, there are definitely things you cannot do with it. Tick toasters are NOT for activities where your legs will be in contact with clothing, or touching  the ground (as when kneeling), etc.  Shorts that hang low, or cargo pants may contact the bands and cause interference. Further, tick Toaster does not work in wet environments, and must remain dry to function.  The band is designed to prevent sweat from ending up on the traces, however profuse sweating can cause false alarms. Wet bands will stop functioning until they dry out.

IMPORTANT: As with any tick deterrent, no product is 100% effective. Tick Toaster is not a guarantee- tick checks are still recommended.

Enjoy the outdoors again with the most advanced tick product on the market. Say goodbye to the chemicals, long pants, and the fear you get when looking at tall grass. It’s time to enjoy a worry free day outdoors!