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One Pair of Leg Bands

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Help protect yourself from ticks and the diseases they carry with Tick Toaster!

The skin soft elastomer and stretch fabric conform to every curve of your leg for a comfortable fit. The patented gasket design helps to close any gaps, and guides ascending ticks onto the band surface where they encounter high voltage traces. Harmless to you, these traces send a paralyzing voltage into the tick, stopping it in its tracks.

An audible alarm alerts you that you are in an area with ticks, so you can move to a safer area and remove the tick.

Package Includes:

  • 2 Tick Toaster Leg Bands of your chosen size
  • Lifetime battery pre-installed
  • Durable box can double as a carrying case
  • Instruction booklet

Measure Your Leg:

  • Use a flexible tape measure.. OR..
  • Wrap a string around your leg and measure its length.. OR..
  • Use this handy PDF file. Print, cut, and measure!

Measure just below your knee and above your calf muscle (See Photo Below)

Toaster Size* Minimum Maximum(inches) Best for…
Small 8” 11” Small Child
Medium 9.5” 15” Most People
Large 12.5” 18.5” Large Adult

*It is important that you wear the correct size and avoid a Toaster that is either too tight or too loose!  If your measurement is too close to the min/max in the table,  We recommend picking the next size.

The sizes have some overlap, so if your measurements fall into more than one Toaster size, pick either size. Smaller will generally more comfortable for you. Larger will fit more locations on your leg.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 7 × 14 × 2.5 in



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