Zuckerberg Works for the Ticks

We’ll continue to update this page as Tick Toaster continues to be attacked by the Internet Gatekeepers. We can only conclude that they work for the Ticks, and want diseases like Lyme continue to spread. After all, what else could be the reason? 


Facebook successfully killed our marketing campaign in the Summer of 2019. We had engaged a marketing company and had everything ready to go. Just prior to launching our Kickstarter, our facebook business manager account became inaccessible due to repeatedly getting banned and disabled. We eventually wound up abandoning the campaign because of this. With no way to contact a human at this company, we were stuck. No matter what we did, there was no solution.

Congratulations to Facebook for winning one for the Ticks! But we’ll be back. And next time, we won’t be using your platform. Be sure to stay away from using Facebook for any legitimate reason, other than posting cat photos.

Google Groups

Well, this one is a bit harder. We can’t legitimately send email to anyone in Google Groups, and this includes contacting the camp where my son got a Tick this summer— a tick that had Lyme disease. When we try to send email, from ticktoaster.com, we are accused of being spam. The ticks have obviously set up shop in Google’s backend server farm.

Stay Tuned for More!

I am certain that as more “Social Media” monopolies (run by evil Tick overlords) discover our efforts to launch this product, this page is sure to be updated.